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Bitcoin Cash: ABC Futures Cross $300 in Hard Fork Aftermath

15 November
With bitcoin cash mining its first forked block, the futures prices of SV and ABC are fluctuating wildly. The BCHSV futures price jumped 10.7 percent against the US dollar, rising from $88.12 to $97.51 within just an hour — before sinking below $90 after the fork. Meanwhi...

Breaking: Bitcoin Cash Hard Forks — BCH Hash War Begins

15 November
Minutes ago, Bitcoin Cash activated a hard fork that splintered the fourth-largest cryptocurrency's network into at least two competing versions, currently referred to by their primary software clients, Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin SV (BCHSV). The Bitcoin Cash network...

Binance Will Support USDC Trading Starting November 17

Binance - one of the most popular digital currency exchanges across the globe - has announced that it will be adding the fiat-collateralized stablecoin USD Coin (USDC) to its trading platform on November 17, 2018. USDC will be grouped into trading pairs with bitcoin and Binanc...

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: How Did We Get Here?

15 November
As the actual hard fork of Bitcoin Cash approaches and users face the prospect of two versions of Bitcoin Cash, it's important to remember what led Bitcoin Cash to this situation. As such, here is an albeit incomplete recap. The Block Size Debate Beginning around the midd...

The Brexit Deal, a Tumbling Pound, and a Ceaseless Crypto Bloodbath

15 November
At long last after two-and-a-half years of negotiations in a painful process that can only be described as watching a slow-motion train wreck, a Brexit deal has been struck–a tentative one, at least. However, instead of cracking open the champagne, the pound has tumbled a...

Newsflash: Bitcoin Cash Price Careens Below $390 as Hard Fork Approaches

15 November
The bitcoin cash price crashed below the $400 level on Thursday, less than two hours before the fourth-largest cryptocurrency’s network is expected to splinter into competing versions following a contentious hard fork. The crypto market had already been battered over the...

OKCoin Adds the Argentine Peso as It Eyes Expansion Into Latin America

15 November
Despite a prolonged cryptocurrency bear market and regulatory uncertainties, OKCoin, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, is expanding to Latin America launching a new exchange platform headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Already active in 110 countri...

Bitcoin is the ‘Evil Spawn of the Financial Crisis': European Central Bank Board Member

15 November
One of the Eurozone's chief monetary economists heaped some backhanded praise at Bitcoin on Thursday, arguing that the flagship cryptocurrency was an “extremely clever idea” that suffers from “manifold problems.” Benoît CŞ“uré, who serves on the European Central Bank's...

Bitcoin Mining Firm Canaan Slashes IPO Target — and May Not Go Public Anytime Soon

15 November
Canaan, one of the world's largest bitcoin mining firms, may be having second thoughts about its plan to go public in one of the cryptocurrency industry's highest-grossing initial public offerings (IPO) to date. Chinese Bitcoin Mining Firm Delays IPO The Hangzhou-based Ca...

Crypto Crash Impacts Large Financial Firms as SBI Shares Decline

15 November
On November 15, the crypto market experienced a wipeout of more than $27 billion, as its valuation dropped from $210 billion to $183 billion. As CCN reported, the intensity of the drop reached to a point in which Bitcoin dropped by more than 11 percent, after having defen...

Malaysian Lawmaker Urges Govt to Delay ICO Launch in Call for Regulation

15 November
An initial coin offering (ICO) round launched with an aim to raise funds for an opposition political movement is raising eyebrows in Malaysia. Fahmi Fadzil, Lembah Pantai MP and PKP communications director, urged the government to practice caution while going ahead with t...

Crypto Charity: Scotcoin to Allocate Part of Sales to Scotland’s Homeless

15 November
Scotcoin will donate £5 off every £20 it earns from its token sale to homeless people, revealed a local source. The cryptocurrency project, which aims to tackle poverty and fund charity ventures, announced that it would join hands with Social Bite, a Scotland-based nonpro...

Ripple Chief: Regulatory Clarity Will Drive Crypto, Blockchain Adoption

15 November
Commenting on the importance of regulation in the technology sector, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, said that introducing regulations will lead to blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption. Garlinghouse made these remarks while talking to the Deputy General Counsel, Ross...

Ethereum GPU Mining Profitability Has Declined Dramatically: New Research

15 November
New data released by global trading and technology firm Susquehanna has revealed that the profit per month earned for mining Ethereum using a GPU mining rig has fallen as far as zero in November, down from about $150 in summer 2017. The data indicates that in addition to...

Crypto Carnage: Market Loses Staggering $26 Billion in 24 Hours, Where to Next?

15 November
Over the last 24 hours, the crypto market suffered a devastating wipeout of more than $26 billion, making it one of the most intense daily sell-offs in all of 2018. Bitcoin (BTC), which demonstrated a record high level of stability from August to November, recorded a dro...

Where's the Fire? Bitcoin and Major Cryptocurrencies Take Massive Beating

15 November
Source: Just before lunch on Wednesday, the crypto market looked like a bear's den, with all ten of the top cryptos by market capitalization having bled more than 5%. The exception of Tether (USDT) is easily explained as the token has a fiduciary responsibility...