To ensure the proper functioning of our website ( and to provide the most relevant services to our visitors and members (“user(s)” or “you”), we place some cookies on your device. This Cookie Policy aims to inform you about the cookies and how to control them for this website.


Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. In addition to these text files, other trackers such as web bugs, beacons, pixels or tracking tags will be considered as cookies in this Cookie Policy.


We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • Operating the website safely;
  • Providing live support services to the users;
  • Enabling users to move around the website and benefit from the services and features provided on the website;
  • Enhancing user experience and customize our services;
  • Increasing the performance of our website and making our website more user-friendly.


Session cookies and persistent cookies are used on our website. Session cookies stop working when you close your browser. Permanent cookies remain on your hard disk for a long time.


We have listed the different types of cookies we can use on our website.

5.1 Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are strictly necessary for providing security on our website, enabling user movement around our website and providing access to our services and features. These types of cookies are essential to the website’s functionality and cannot be disabled by users.

Cookies Explanation Owner of Cookies
Session This cookie is used to identify the user’s session on the server. The session being an area on the server which can be used to store data in between http requests. Thus, it is needed for continuity of the session. Paratica
User ID This cookie is used for users to see their own information only. Paratica
Security These cookies are used for security checks. Third Party

5.2 Functionality/Performance Cookies

Functional cookies collect information about users' preferences and allow us to remember the users’ preferences and customize our website. These cookies may be set by us or third-party providers to whom you have added their services to your pages. If you do not allow these cookies, some or all these functions may not work properly.

Cookies Explanation Owner of Cookies
Language This cookie saves the language chosen by the user and provides options accordingly. Paratica
Live chat These cookies are used to support users on the website and to communicate with them live. It allows to understand chat functionality and recognize returning users, understanding previous conversations and quicker help with questions. Third Party
Expert Interface This cookie keeps information whether the user is an expert user in Paratica. The interface of Paratica may differ depending on the type of this cookie. Paratica
Exchange Type This cookie indicates the cryptocurrency exchange connection that the user is currently using their Paratica account. According to this information, coin lists, experts and other information that are shown may change. Paratica

5.3 Analytical Cookies

We use analytical cookies to understand how visitors use our website. These cookies collect aggregated information in the aggregate to give us insight into how our website is being used. For example, this type of cookies shows which pages are most visited on our website as well helps to record the difficulties experienced within our website.

Cookies Explanation Owner of Cookies
Google Analytics These cookies allow the collection of all statistical data to improve the presentation and use of the site. By adding data on social statistics and interests to these statistics, Google enables better understanding of users. Third Party
Google Analytics These cookies provide the control and security of whether the requests to the website are received by bots. Third Party

You may, though, choose to consent to our processing of any personal data collected during your browsing experience on our website to allow us to produce anonymised statistics.

If you enable the Do Not Track option in your web browser, we will respect your choice and your browsing experience on our website will not be tracked for our anonymised statistics. If you consent to the processing mentioned above, then Google Analytics is activated and some relevant cookies loaded. You can always decide to withdraw your consent, or consent again at any time.

In case you have disabled all cookies, you will be shown the cookie banner at each visit of our website.


You can customize your cookie preferences by changing your browser settings. Depending on your browser's capabilities, you can block the use of cookies, receive alerts before the cookie is used, or simply disable or delete some cookies.

The official website of your browser informs you how to block and restrict cookies:

We kindly remind you that if you disable cookies, various functions of our website may not work properly.


We may change our Cookie Policy at any time. Please check back frequently to be informed on any updates or changes to our Cookie Policy.

If you have any questions or concerns about this Cookie Policy, please contact us via [email protected].