Auto Trading On Cloud

Paratica is fully automated auto trading system for cryptocurrencies. It runs on cloud. Once you set up your bot, Paratica runs for you even you asleep.

Fund Management

Paratica has a powerfull fund management system. You can configure how Paratica uses your account for each base currency.

Portfolio Management

Paratica allows you to chose which pairs to trade. It runs with all BTC and USDT pairs and most of ETH pairs.

Built-in Strategies and Filters

Paratica has ready to use strategies. It has very detailed settings and allows you to filter enter/exit signals.

Pair Based Settings

Paratica allows you to configure each pair with different settings. This means you can use different strategies for different pairs.

Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop

Paratica allows you to use Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop with detailed settings. It allows you many calculation tools for SL, TP, TS.

Order Configuration

Paratica allows to to configure order types (Market Order, Limit Order) for each pair. You can set limitations and timeout actions.

Broadcaster System

Paratica has many people who share their settings with you. We call them as Bradcasters. You can follow and copy their strategies if you dont want to create your own strategy.

Paratica is a cloud based auto trading system. It's like a super hero with extraordenary features. It follows the market and searchs for opportunities for you accourding to your settings. It buys, follows, sells and sends notifications to you.

Paratica works on cloud. This means once you configure your strategy, you can focus and enjoy your real life. It handles all situations about auto trading.

Paratica is a fully customizable personal trading tool. It's easy to use but has very detailed configurations. It runs on the cloud. So you can spend your time with your loved ones.

Paratica is very easy to use. First you need to define your exchange API, then you are ready to use. It has many built-in strategies and configurations. It's enough to take a look your settings in a short time.

Paratica works with Binance only. For now :)

Paratica doesnt require to transfer your coins or any withdrawal access in API. It only manages your trades in your Binance account. It has a very sofisticated encryption system to store your critical data. Paratica uses different encryption algorithms for each user. So it's unbreakable.

Paratica provides you a system to copy other people's settings if you dont have your own strategy or dont know how to analyse charts, or dont know how to create your own strategy. We call these people as Broadcaster. You can copy their settings to your account by following them.

Paratica doesnt limit you. You can trade with unlimited strategies, filters, pairs and positions. You'll be satisfied to trade.

Partica has a pricing policy based on fund management size. Every plan has same functionality with different fund sizes. You can take a look here. Pricing

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